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PULSAR rafts are used by rafting operators, sports centers, boating clubs and for racing activities. The fast and rigid hull in combination with the proven solution of fixing the bottom between the side rollers ensures exceptional stability and extremely fast outflow of water from the raft in case of pouring in rapids. PULSAR rafts have been selected several times as official racing boats for the European Championships (most recently the European Rafting Championships 2010, Italy) but also for the 2003 World Championships held in the Czech Republic on the Vltava River.


Length: 450cm - 14'

Width: 190cm - 6'

Weight: 60kg - 132lbs

Max weight: 900kg - 1984lbs

Number of air champer: 5+3

Max. number of people: 9

Max. operating pressure: Mpa/Bar/PSI/ - 0,025/0,25/3,7

Material: Nitrilon DS, Nitrion Extra

Difficulty: WW5

Pack dimensions when the raft is in the bag: (cm) 90x70x35


Pulsar 450 comes with:

  • self-pouring bottom with holes on both sides
  • non-slip seating surface
  • handles for feet
  • four handrails on the sides of the raft
  • safety rope around the perimeter of the raft
  • two D-rings inside the raft for attaching equipment
  • two stainless steel bow grips
  • three transverse cylinders
  • push- push valves
  • push-push wrench and pressure relief valve
  • repair kit
  • transport bag

Recommended accessories: canoe paddle-type 504, hand pump, waterproof bag for storing equipment, rescue bag (rope).