SOLAR 410 C with foot pump

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SOLAR has intended for recreational excursions and trips on rivers up to Gr. 1 whitewater. Its advantages are high stability, easy handling and comfort during multi-day trips with gear. SOLAR in its basic version is equipped with two seats but has the fixtures for a third. Seating positions are variable; SOLAR can be a single, double or a three-seat kayak.

Boat equipment: Adjustable footrest in front and in the back (for conversion to a single kayak) Comfortable inflatable seat with backrest, Elastic netting for fixing the baggage, Grab handles for easy handling, Safety ropes on the bow and stern, Fixture for tracking fin, Tracking fin, Push- push valves, Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat, Repair kit, Transport drybag 80l, Foot pump Bravo 1.

Recommended accessories: Kayak paddle type 702 asymmetric, Seat SOLAR, Drybag for small items 8 l, 12 l, 20 l.

Length: 13'5" Width: 2'7" Weight: 41 lbs. Max. load: 595 lbs. Packed dimensions: 26"16"x10"

Recommended accessories are not included, must be ordered in addition.