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ALFONSO is characterized by excellent stability and plenty of space for up to 3 passengers (or 2 fishermen). It can be used with oars, canoe paddles, or in combination with the engine. The most remarkable change has also been the mounting of the mirror, which is now much more robust and can be fitted with a maximum power output of up to 5 hp = 3.7 kW. The boat also has 5 bases for mounting a wide range of accessory brackets and mounts (4 base units are placed on the side rollers because of their greater practicality, so they do not slam from the interior of the ship, 5th base is intended for eventual positioning on any of the middle or rear positions seat). With canoe paddles, without motor and oars, this ship can be used to ride rivers to WW2.

Boat equipment: Mirror on the engine, Seats made of waterproof plywood, 5 units for accessories, Floorboard BORIKA Fishing Rod, Holder Flexible rope to hold baggage, Safety rope around the ship, Wire rope on bow, Mounts for the oars, Holder holders for oars, Push-push valves, Overpressure valve at the bottom of the boat, Battery mounts, Adhesive set, Waterproof transport bag 135l.


L14'1" W4'1"
Weight: 72lbs
Max.load: 903lbs
Packed dimensions: 26"x21"x11"


Recommended accessories: Double/single-action hand pump SUPER 6/3, Oars 902.2 190 cm (with oarlock).