HALIBUT with foot pump, with kayak paddle

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HALIBUT is an inflatable fishing kayak, offering a new dimension in the sport of angling. Thanks to its compact dimensions when packed, it is possible to enjoy kayak fishing even in remote locations. HALIBUT is very stable, responsive and fast when moving on the water. the inflatable kayak floor is fitted with a marine plywood deck on its top, enabling safe standing. A raised adjustable seat makes for easy embarking and disembarking and also provides comfort while waiting for a nibble.

Boat equipment: Floorboard, Bracket board, Bottle holder, Anchor rope, Drain opening on stern, Inflatable seat with rod holders, Fishing rod holder CANNON, Elastic ropes for securing baggage, Grab handles for easy handling, Safety ropes on side tubes, Metal probe bracket, Removable tracking fin, Twist valves, Push-push valves, Pressure relief valve in the bottom of the boat, Repair kit, Cleaning sponge, Transport drybag 100l, Foot pump Bravo 1, Kayak paddle type 702.4 fishing.

Weight: 46 lbs, Max. load: 441 lbs, Packed dimensions: 28"x18"x12"

Recommended accessories:  Drybag for small items 8l, 12l, 20 l. 

Recommended accessories are not included, must be ordered in addition.